(If you didn’t catch it, the Warriors did this weird All-star weekend photoshoot with KD, Steph, Draymond, and Klay. All of their respective photoshoots were weird but Klay’s was definitely the worse. He’s dressed like that kid on the basketball team in junior high that thought he was so cool and fit in with the cool basketball kids when really he was a nerd. Also are they in an abandoned warehouse?)

Here we are. All-star weekend. The most lit all-star weekend of all the major sports (honestly probably the only good one). Got the slam dunk contest starring Aaron Gordon and some dudes not named LeBron James. Then you got the electrifying 3-point contest where dudes run around the arc and shoot wide-open uncontested threes for about an hour and a half. Now that I think about it I don’t think I’ve watched any 3-point contests. With that being said here are my predictions for the All-star weekend festivities.

3-point contest: Kyrie Irving will win but no one will know he won because Swaggy P is going to miss like 75% of his shots resulting in another Swaggy P meme.
Dunk contest: I want to go with Aaron Gordon but Derrick Jones, Jr. is my pick as a bit of a sleeper. I mean look at this video, the kid can get up. It’s also good to have DeAndre Jordan in it, he’s sort of just been doing his own personal dunk contest with CP3 over the past 2 or 3 years.

All-star game MVP: I definitely will not be watching the game, but I’m going with an angry Russell Westbrook who undoubtedly should have been a starter. He’s the clear second-place MVP right now to Harden. Should be in starting lineup, I don’t care if he has to technically be the PF he’s gotta be in it. Also I’m putting the over/under of how many times Russ steps in front of a pass to KD to intercept it at 2.5.

Speaking of MVP, let’s talk about how the rest of the season is going to shake out
MVP: That early season wide-open race for MVP seems pretty locked up that it’s going to be James Harden. It kills me to say it but Mike D’Antoni has really turned the Rockets around and changed Harden’s game for the WAY better. Westbrook has slightly better numbers and will probably end up averaging a triple double, but the Rockets go into the break at 40-18 while the Thunder are 32-25. Don’t sleep on LeBron ending up 2nd in MVP votes, he had one of the most efficient weeks of his life leading up to the All-star break without K. Love and he might have to go on a tear for the 6 weeks with K.Love injured to fend off the Celtics for home-court in playoffs.
WCF and ECF: I’m looking at Warriors/Rockets in WCF and Cavs/Wizards actually in the ECF. Most people are riding the Celtics/Isaiah Thomas train right now but the Wizards went into the break real hot and if Bradley Beal can avoid his yearly injury, Wizards might make a deep playoff run. Warriors/Spurs is the easy call but Harden has just been superb and I think the Spurs are going to have some problems in their first playoffs with Kawhi as the clear cut leader with Timmy D gone.
Finals: It was clear as day the day after the 2016 finals were over, even before KD went to Golden State, the 2017 finals were gonna be a rematch of Cavs/Warriors. But this time it’ll be the Warriors winning. This is a team that had a huge roster shake up of losing Bogut/Barnes to add one of the best scorers in the league to a team that possibly already had 2 of the top 5 scorers in the league. And yet they’re still 47-9 and I don’t even think they’ve reached their full potential yet. Warriors win 4-2 and it’s a long offseason of LeBron crying for a playmaker aka Carmelo (rolls eyes into back of head).

Thanks for reading Ball and Chain’s first post! I should be posting a lot from now on while also tweaking the website as I go along.