Future makes the same song almost every time and I’m not going to lie, I love it every. damn. time. “Thought It Was a Drought” and “Fuck Up Some Commas” are legendary songs and “March Madness” is possibly the best club anthem of all time (yes, I go to a lot of clubs).
Two days ago he came out with his new self-titled album, Future. It’s his 5th studio album in 5 years, and his 10th project in 5 years which is just absurd for a rapper who also tours regularly. Future is pretty well known for just rapping about classic rap music subjects, Money, Hoes, and Drugs.
His tracklist is basically a summary of his discography up to this point.

  1. Rent Money
  2. Good Dope
  3. Zoom
  4. Draco
  5. Super Trapper
  6. POA
  7. Mask Off
  8. High Demand
  9. Outta Time
  10. Scrape
  11. I’m so Groovy
  12. Might as Well
  13. Poppin’ Tags
  14. Massage in My Room
  15. Flip
  16. When I Was Broke
  17. Feds Did a Sweep

A few thoughts. If you told me there’s been 50 rap songs titled “Poppin’ Tags”, I wouldn’t be surprised. Also, I wonder what the songs “Massage in My Room” and “Feds Did a Sweep” are about. And lastly, “Mask Off” has one of the best intros to any Future song of all time.

Molly and Percocets baby, Molly and Percocets.