(Image: The Huffington Post)
Kyrie Irving over the weekend decided to add a little humor to the already semi-ridiculous and very awkward All-Star weekend by claiming that he truly believes that the planet Earth is flat, instead of you know, round.

He dropped that bomb in his fellow teammates’ blog (Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye). This is exactly what happens when you spend two semesters at Duke University just charming the ladies, smoking the reefer, and looking forward to making millions and millions of dollars after playing like 10 games due to injury. This resulted into the press asking anyone on the rosters what they think about Kyrie’s claims, and of course it ended up exactly how you’d think, with Draymond Green and Nick Young joining him.

By the way, the quotes from Green and Swaggy P are great. Draymond: “I can make a round picture with my iPhone today and make it look round. So I don’t know?” Swaggy P: “I don’t know, I think the world could be — it just never ends,”…just WONDERFUL.

This led me to think what the best conspiracy theories are. Here’s my top 5.
5. The world is flat
4. NASA faked the first moon landings (Hollywood did it, classic)
3. Illuminati (Theory that the whole world is secretly run by a secret society called the Illuminati, which now-a-days involves sub-theories that Tupac was in it and that’s why he was murdered/just kidding he’s still alive and also that famous rappers, most notably Kanye West and Jay-Z, are a part of the society…my boy LeBron is also a part of the rumors)
2. 9/11 was an inside job (Possibly the most popular conspiracy theory of this millenium)
1. Stevie Wonder is lying and can actually see (Decided to end on a wild card. I actually did not know this was a conspiracy theory until about a year ago. But this is easily my favorite one because of the sheer comedy if you imagine he can see. One of the major pieces of evidence is from this tv charity concert with Paul McCartney where Stevie appears to be staring up into nothing, you know…like a blind guy…when he catches a falling microphone stand. I mean…you never know…)