I’m still trying to find out why Soulja Boy is still in the news in 2017 let alone in the news of the hip hop world almost every two weeks.

This damn cash me outside girl will not go away. She got invited back on Dr. Phil, she started punching people on planes in front of cameras, she starred in a Kodak Black music video (see photo above), is currently in beef with Kylie and the Kardashians, and now apparently we are going to do a beef with Soulja Boy as well.

Great start. Short and sweet.

Alright now we are cooking. There’s a nice insult. “Little ugly bitch”. 7.5 out of 10.

Boom. Kill shot. Two ways to really get under a rappers skin. Go after how many hoes he gets, or go after how much money he has. I don’t know if she’s accurate, but it does make you think…

Also I guess Soulja Boy’s favorite pistol is nicknamed Draco. I personally think it’d be badass if Soulja Boy cuddled with his gun every night.