Future released a new album only last Friday but rumors started to surface shortly after that Future had another album on the way soon, which were then followed by crazy rumors that it’d be released this Friday. Sure enough, Future then posted the cover art for his next album, HNDRXX, on Instagram, confirming the release date saying it would come out this Friday.
You can say what you want about Future, but you can’t argue with the fact that he puts out the most music out of any rapper in the past 5 years. To add to the count I had in my last blog about Future, including the HNDRXX album this Friday that makes 6 albums and 11 total projects in the past 5 years. The quality of the music isn’t bad either. DS2 and What a Time to be Alive are legendary and EVOL, his fourth album, had the hit Low Life with The Weeknd. Future’s self-titled album has received good reviews, returning to his underground, “Pluto” roots that his long-time fans love. Future mentioned in his Instagram that this HNDRXX album is “the album I’ve always wanted to make”. Given the title of the album, which refers to his nickname “Future Hendrix”, the album might have a more R&B, singing feel. We’ll see if it’s as good as his self-titled album.

Migos were in the news this week for allegedly jumping Sean Kingston in Las Vegas during a fashion convention. A guy from Kingston’s crew then shot his gun in the air to stop the fight, resulting in everyone fleeing the scene. Cops later pulled Kingston over and handcuffed him but he was never charged with anything. This was interesting because in a video filmed on the day of the fight but a couple hours before you can see Migos and Sean Kingston passing each other and exchanging some good ole fashioned pleasantries. Kingston also put up a video of his own saying he didn’t get jumped at all, but since I like Migos more and I don’t even know why we are still talking about Kingston, I’m gonna believe Migos did in fact whoop his ass.

This reminds me of a little Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference when Mac was saying he needs a little “edge in his bartender”. I need a little “edge” in my rapper. The more scared I am of a rapper, the more I will like them. Migos are a great example of this. Another great example is 21 Savage. Absolutely love the guy right now. Also if you think Migos aren’t tough or scary anymore just because they’ve blown up with Bad and Boujee go ahead and look at their profile on the show Noisey on Viceland from a couple years ago.