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A few things about this. So obviously none of those street artists or whatever are going to do something like this without having a special message behind it. But the media completely destroyed his message by failing to show the “false idol” plaque at the bottom of the statue in most of the media outlet’s pictures. Instead just showing a cool ass golden Kanye statue.

Second off, I completely get his message. Don’t treat these celebrities and musicians like gods and you won’t be completely offended or disappointed when they act like…you know…humans. I mean Kanye has had a recent fall from grace for 1. Supporting Trump which almost half of America also did on election day and 2. For cancelling the remainder of his tour for checking into a hospital for exhaustion. Those seem like some pretty normal things and pretty ridiculous for the public to “crucify” him. But we hold these celebrities and musicians to higher standards then we do normal people and here we are.

Also, Kanye is the easiest target for this type of message, for the reasons I mentioned above and the fact that well, Kanye actually thinks he’s a god. He has a song called “I am a God” from his album Yeezus and has clarified in interviews that yes, he does believe he is a god.

So with all of that being said, why would you make a golden statue of Kanye that looks exactly like Jesus to send the message of “don’t treat Kanye and other celebrities like gods”. For Kanye fans like myself we have turned it into “wow look at this dope statue of Kanye” and I’m sure most of the other people viewing the media have had the same reaction or thought “I hate Kanye” which is still not the message the artist wanted.

Side notes: 1. If this random street statue popping up makes you think of something, the artist who made the naked Trump statue in New York collaborated with the main artist on this. 2. The pair of Yeezys on the statue is an amazing touch. 3. I want to believe Kanye himself put the statue there and the artist just happened to slap the false idol thing on there.

Lastly, Kanye is a god.