Let’s start off with this. I have not listened to this song. I haven’t heard one second of it. Partly because I was busy this weekend, but also partly because I love Nicki and I don’t want to hear any slander towards her.

With that being said, Remy Ma’s diss track “Shether” (a play on words involving Nas’ old diss track to Jay-Z, “Ether”, which it also samples the beat from) blew up over the weekend resulting in thousands of memes claiming Nicki got destroyed by Remy.
Here’s the thing though.
People are trying compare this to Drake destroying Meek Mill. Especially with the fact that Nicki hasn’t responded. But you can’t do that. These roles are basically reversed. Where Drake was the bigger rapper and basically one of the biggest pop stars period, Meek Mill was a big rapper, but not a nationally big rapper and no where near one of the top rappers in the game. Meek could have NEVER destroyed Drake’s career. Never. Even if Meek killed him in the diss battle.

Here’s where the roles are reversed. Judging from the lyrics I’ve read (okay I’ve read the lyrics), Remy Ma did kind of flame her. Torched. Cremated. Is Nicki’s music career done basically like Meek Mill’s is? Nah, absolutely not. She’s going to come out with The Pinkprint 3(3? 4? I don’t even know) and have one or two minor diss lines in one song, have like three pop songs that are all over the radio all year, and have one or two dope rap tracks with Lil Wayne, Drake, or Future or all of them, and everyone will eat. it. up.

Speaking of Remy Ma…
Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s Plata o Plomo album lands at the #44 spot its debut week with 11,950 units. The Terror Squad rappers failed to deliver on the hype from lead single “All the Way Up,” which got them nominated for the Grammys. – HipHop DX

Who green lit the Fat Joe/Remy Ma joint album anyways?