(Image: For The Win)
For people who don’t know, JaVale McGee is currently a center for the Golden State Warriors. He recently has become a very decent role player for the NBA-best Warriors (with that being said I think ANYONE could become a decent role player surrounded by Steph, Klay, Draymond, and KD), but in his past McGee has been a punchline around the NBA for getting himself into the dumbest looking plays in NBA history. Seriously. Here’s a montage.

(I love how that video has a rap song playing like he’s dunking on fools. Amazing)

In the last few days things have spiraled out of control when McGee accused Shaq of “cooning” which apparently means being a black jester for a white audience. This happened during a twitter exchange that also involved Shaq calling him a “bumass” and threatening to beat him up.

The “cooning” thing comes straight out of left field. Which brings us to McGee’s mom. She was recently interviewed and said that Shaq is “bullying men of color”. I truly don’t know how making fun of a guy for literally being a 24/7 turnover in the NBA for a segment titled “Shaqtin’ a Fool” has turned into a race discussion. Also since we have brought race into this, is Shaq supposed to focus on the like 3% of white guys in the NBA instead of the 97% black guys for Shaqtin’ a Fool?

Needless to say this has been very entertaining for a lull period in the NBA following the All-Star break, BUT Shaq’s mom has become involved as well and told her son to quit. Shaq stated that JaVale’s name will never come out of his mouth because “Mama has spoken.” Sad!