Westbrook is easily my favorite player in the NBA right now. The Lakers still suck and it’s unclear to me right now whether or not D’Angelo Russell is going to be the superstar the Lakers need him to be (he’s only 21 though so time will tell I suppose). Westbrook has that “me against the world” vibe that I love. It’s the same vibe my all-time favorite player Kobe Bryant had. That’ll happen though when your long-time teammate leaves you for the team that just humiliated you in the playoffs.

Migos are one of my favorite rap groups and their album Culture WAS the best rap album of 2017…until Future hit us with his two albums. And while their song Bad and Boujee has recently started to get really old, it definitely still looks really fun live.

Combine that with Quavo (the best Migos rapper and future solo artist) remixing his verse to be a Westbrook/OKC verse for the home crowd of Oklahoma City, and Westbrook coming out and dancing, and well, you’ve officially made me a happy man.