Tonight Kevin Durant hyperextended his knee early in the game on this freak play against the Washington Wizards.

Hyperextended knees can usually go either way, devastating or just a few weeks, but usually they lean closer to the few weeks side.
However, most news coming out from the press and Steve Kerr sounds pessimistic, and when that’s the case the news usually ends up bad.


Kevin Durant is getting an MRI as soon as possible but let’s just assume the worst and Kevin Durant has a season ending injury.

-Russell Westbrook no doubt smiled at least a little bit from this. And Oklahoma City’s fans are almost undoubtedly going to have a sour, trashy response to this.
-If Russell isn’t happy, LeBron definitely is. The almost unbeatable looking Warriors will lose Kevin Durant who made them seem impossible to beat especially with Kevin Durant’s MVP-like season. Cavaliers still had a chance against these Warriors, but without Durant they’re basically the same team as last year. You know, the team that gave up a 3-1 NBA Finals lead, if you don’t remember.
-Zaza Pachulia…Za…Za…Pachulia. Averaging 6.0 ppg and 6.2. rpg, he may have been the one to end the Warriors’ amazing chances at a 2nd championship in 3 years. But to be fair, the real reason Durant’s knee was hyperxtended is Marcin Gortat, who threw Zaza into Durant. If Wizards go on to win the NBA Finals with this (hypothetical) situation of Durant being out, does Gortat get Finals MVP. I mean…you never know.

But for real let’s hope Durant stays healthy so we can have both the Warriors and Cavs healthy for an epic 3rd finals rematch.