It appears movies and TV shows can bring him (LeBron) to tears, saying “The Lion King” and an episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” in which Will Smith’s estranged father in the series shows up but leaves has an effect on the four-time league MVP. James says he never saw his own father.
– Bleacher Report

LeBron dropped this on Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye’s podcast “Road Trippin”, the same podcast who spread the Kyrie Irving/Flat earth story. Here they give a voice to LeBron’s unbearable relatableness.

LeBron literally picked the most predictable and endearing pop culture references for examples of him crying. EVERYONE loves The Lion King, one of the most perfect movies for “I’m a guy and I’m emotional, I even cried during The Lion King.” He didn’t screw up and say I cried during The Notebook because that wouldn’t have related to men. LeBron knows how to better his brand, cry about a movie that both men AND women love. Also Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I don’t know anyone that hates Fresh Prince or hates Will Smith. One of the most lovable sitcoms in American history and Will Smith one of the most lovable actors in American history. He picks the scene that everyone shares on Facebook and says “this scene really made me tear up”. So relatable LeBron.

And then he pulls one of the greatest LeBron tricks in the book. Tying his personal history into the conversation. “OH by the way, I didn’t have a dad either.” He always pulls the “all the odds were against me” card. Look look look, I agree that not having a dad and growing up very poor in Cleveland are not very preferable situations and LeBron has come through a lot. But he implies he had a way harder rise to the top of the NBA then other NBA players. A lot of amazing players have had as hard, if not harder upbringings as children but none of them were covered as the next Michael Jordan when they were 16 or born with the unreal physical gifts as LeBron has. But “awwww poor LeBron”.

Tonight Andrew Bogut broke his fibia in his FIRST game on the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Now if you didn’t know, Bogut was on the Warriors when they won the NBA Finals in 2015 against LeBron and the Cavs. He was released after the 2016 NBA Finals, ended up on the Mavericks, and was then traded to the 76ers, where he was then released about 2 seconds after, when he then lastly cleared waivers and signed with the Cavaliers.
In less than 2 years he went to a large piece in a championship, to getting released by one of the NBA worst, the 76ers, and passed on by every team before signing his SOUL TO THE DEVIL with the Cavs. What happens? Broken fibia on the first play while sticking his leg out to trip the guy.

Karma is a…