With the help of Russell Wilson, her child Future, and her unborn Russell baby (I need the new born baby to be named Russell to go with Future) Ciara has officially jumped on the celebrity maternity photoshoot train with this naked photo shoot.

Beyoncé got the most likes on an Instagram photo ever with a partly naked maternity photo shoot, so hey, why not try it out, Ciara. One thing Beyoncé didn’t do was hold up Blue Ivy naked with Jay-Z shirtless behind her caressing her pregnant belly. This picture doesn’t even look good! This is two very good looking adults with a cute little 2 year old, I shouldn’t see the picture and first think “Oh my god, what the hell?”

Now this blog post doesn’t contain much NBA or Rap music but Ciara does belong in Future’s Collection. So since it qualifies for the site, let me take the opportunity to talk crap about Russell Wilson. I cannot believe he signed up for this just to literally not have his face in the picture. “Hey Russ just hug my belly behind me and whatever you do keep your face out of this.” Tom Brady would have his face in this. Aaron Rodgers would have his face in this. Even elitist Joe Flacco would be like “Uh, no.” But not Russ. Not Elite.

russell wilson

Here’s the main point though…don’t do this. Too many arms. There’s too many arms going different ways. It actually took me a second to realize whose arms were whose. It’s just too odd. Also I feel like little baby Future is very close to being too old for this. Sure I guess I compared Future to Blue Ivy while they are almost 3 years old compared to 5 years old, respectively. But hey, 3 is pretty damn close to 5.

And lastly, I truly doubt Future is happy with his son being in this creepy little picture.