My first blog regarding the Nicki/Remy beef

Today Nicki Minaj released three brand new songs including the track “No Frauds” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. Nicki’s whole verse is directed at Remy Ma and has some pretty good lines.

Let’s break down a few of these lines.
-“Tried to drop “Another One”, you was itchin’ to scrap
You exposed your ghostwriter, now you wish it was scrapped”
So apparently Remy released a second diss towards Nicki titled “Another One”. I did not even know this to be honest so I’m assuming it’s not that good. Nicki then makes the claim that Remy has a ghostwriter (for people who don’t know, a ghostwriter is someone that a rapper uses to write their own raps without giving them credit). What Nicki is saying is Remy used a ghostwriter for “Shether” which was good, and then obviously didn’t use a ghostwriter for “Another One”, which apparently sucked.

-“Heard your pussy on “Yuck,” I guess you needed a Pap”
Here’s a little genitalia jab that also has a double meaning! Fun! So she’s obviously referencing a pap smear but also could be referencing Remy’s husband Papoose who is a very respected MC from New York. The rumor throughout the internet is that Papoose actually ghostwrote “Shether”. Nicki is claiming Remy’s “pussy is on yuck” and needed a pap smear but also needed Pap, her husband to diss Nicki. Yikes.

-“What type of bum bitch shoot a friend over a rack?
What type of mother leave her one son over a stack?”
Here’s the real killer line though. So here’s the back story. In 2007 Remy shot her best friend over $3,000. She was found guilty in March 2008 and served six years in prison. While serving time, she basically missed out on raising her young son. Nicki, who probably misplaces $3,000 on a daily basis, trashes her for this for letting some money make her miss out on raising her own son. Some people say family is off limits for beefs whether it’s rap beefs, NBA beefs, or even corporate workplace “beefs”. But as I say, that forbidden fruit tastes so good! Love the family disses, keep em’ coming! You find a way to get under someone’s skin and you drive that point home every chance you get. I could see Remy getting very mad about this.

So in review of their disses, here’s a little summary of what each person has said so far.

Remy: “Your butt is fake (duh), Drake and Lil Wayne definitely slept with you, you can’t rap”
Nicki: “You aren’t as successful as me, your boobs are fake (duh), your husband is your ghostwriter, your album with Fat Joe sucks, you left your child”

I mean unless there’s stuff the general public doesn’t know, I’m not sure where else this beef can go. “No Frauds” is going to become very popular no matter what since Drake and Lil Wayne are on it. And to be honest, the song kind of sucks other than Nicki’s verse, but that’s what happens when you combine a diss with one of the best record label trios of all time. Nicki will release an album soon and Remy will most likely fade out of the public eye unless they keep doing Love and Hip-Hop shows with her on it…but also…who the hell watches those things.