ball and chain

So over the weekend Duke and Villanova killed everyone’s bracket. We are now in the Sweet 16 which is a good time to look ahead to see whose got the upper hand moving forward. If the bracket ended today stinkin’ ole’ Andrew Kuntz would walk away with the $140. He’s followed by Aaron Francis and yours truly.

The most important thing in brackets is getting the champion and the championship right. With that being said, a lot of people in this pool had Duke/Villanova in the championship or even winning it all (only two people had someone other than Duke/Villanova coming out of their region, good ole’ Catie Gruenwald and Hanna Cresci). That means if you have your champion left you’re still doing alright.

Looking at it, I actually think I have the best chance to win. Kansas was clearly the best team out of the first weekend. I think the second best odds to win is my little brother Mike who has a Gonzaga/Kansas championship that actually seems very likely. With that being said if Baylor and Butler miraculously make it to the Final Four, Catie will be getting the cash.