So recently I’ve dived into the world of online sports betting. Am I good at it? Absolutely not. But it’s fun and I only do $5 and $10 bets so the reward usually outweighs the risk.

Obviously lately I’ve been putting a good amount of money into March Madness pools such as the one for this blog. Along with that I’ve been putting down little parlay bets across all the games of opening weekend. So midway through Sunday I kind of realized…oops…I’ve wasted a lot of money on this stuff this weekend.

Let’s start at the beginning of the day though. I wake up from sleeping in for the first time all week and realize Louisville-Michigan is the first game of the day. In my work bracket I have Michigan in the Final Four so it was very important that Michigan won that game, which they did. I was riding high…great start to the day. So naturally I threw down some online bets. I parlayed RI/Oregon Over 142.0, USC +6.0, Duke/SC Over 144.0, Cincinnati +4.0. We will get to that later…

After the Michigan game I fixed my apartment up a little bit and got a few things done. My girlfriend and I then made some plans to go get dinner and see Beauty and the Beast. It sounded like it was going to be a good night! This is where things begin to go downhill.

We get to the movie theater and we find out it’s sold out with the next show being 3 hours later. No Beauty and the Beast for Donny. Sad! My girlfriend and I settled to go get some pizza and watch the March Madness games. We get there and Rhode Island is winning (I had them winning in one of my two brackets), USC is doing well against Baylor, UNC had just finished off Arkansas and my champion-picked Dukies were going to put the beat down on South Carolina later.

While we are eating we notice a few people on the gambling machines winning a lot of money. Like pigs to a trough we decide to test our luck after them. Sure enough I lost 40 bucks. During that time Rhode Island lost, BUT they hit the over so part 1/4 of my bet was good. USC ended up losing by 4 to Baylor so part 2/4 was good as well.

We leave the pizza place and go to a bar to finish watching the last two games. Duke and South Carolina had only scored 53 points at halftime, so my bet seemed like it was over but Duke was up by 7 so I was happy at least that my champion was most likely going to move on. That dream was obviously killed by South Carolina, busting my bracket and millions of brackets across America when they scored 65 points in the second half winning 88-81. I was devastated…but slowly realized they hit the over of 144.0! My bet was back on (60 dollar pay off on a 5 dollar bet).

This was my opportunity at redemption for the day, Rhode Island lost, Duke lost, lost 40 bucks, I didn’t get to see Beauty and the Beast, but if I won $60 on a 5 dollar bet, the day would have been saved. I was busy watching Duke try and come back when I had not noticed that UCLA had pulled away from Cincinnati. I got the first three parts of the bet…couldn’t get the last. A real betting emotional rollercoaster of a day. My brackets are done and I have very slim chances of winning any money this year.

To finish off…I’m going to hate on Duke. Every year I see them on the bracket and think “Man I hate Duke but I feel like they’re going far this year.” Of course most of the time that’s not the case and I end up hating them even more for falling for their amazing past of winning. Which brings me to this day, March 20th 2017. I think almost everyone is full of Duke hate right now, which is great. I think we should direct that hate to my good friend Clyde who is the biggest Duke fan in the world.


A very charming and funny fellow who apparently got in my brain and convinced me Duke was going to win it all. Well #FuckClyde and #FuckDuke, I’m officially deeming March 20th #FuckClyde day because I put all the blame from the Duke loss on him. I don’t know why, but that’s just how I’m going to cope with this loss.