And a little BREAKING NEWS in my blog…

The weather is getting warmer…in some places…and I think the NBA players can feel the brutal playoff summer coming. Things are getting a little testy, things are on the line…love it.

It is interesting seeing the Lakers getting into little fights since the only thing they’re fighting for is keeping their protected top 3 pick. Think the boys should just lay low and wait for Fultz or Ball to come but hey, that’s just me…future GM of the Los Angeles Lakers.

LaVar Ball (father of UCLA and future-NBA star Lonzo Ball)

So LaVar Ball has sort have been at this for at least a couple months now, but recently it’s got out of hand. He has said he could beat Jordan in one-on-one…you know…Michael Jordan. He also talked smack to Charles Barkley back and forth like 3 times and said that Lonzo and the boys will get a BILLION dollar shoe deal out the gate. A “billion” like he’s some damn evil villian.

But guess what, I love this. He’s so smart. Everyone including me, just ate this stuff up. Now everyone is watching Lonzo in March Madness and of course he’s killing it. Kentucky has looked a little shaky (although Wichita State was seeded completely wrong) but UCLA has rolled pretty steadily through their first two games with Lonzo leading the way. LaVar just built the brand up. BBB for life Lavar…build…the…brand.

Resting Problem

It’s the tail-end of the season and some teams are starting to rest some players. Some teams believe resting up during this final sprint to the finish line will help the players perform even better for the grueling playoffs. A couple Saturdays ago the Warriors rested Draymond, Klay, and Curry (with Durant still injured) against a highly anticipated matchup with the Spurs on ESPN’s Saturday night (it didn’t help either that Kawhi was out with a concussion). And like clockwork, LeBron, Kyrie, and Love were rested in a game against the Clippers. This was brought to the attention of Adam Silver, the commish who dealt out subtle warnings that penalties might start to get enforced if teams don’t let the league and the other team know ahead of time if they are resting players.

LeBron shot back at the media when he pointed out that Gregg Popovich does this all the time. Yes…that’s true…but Popovich doesn’t have LeBron’s attitude of “I’m trying to be the greatest basketball player (or coach) of all time”. You talk that you are aspiring to be the greatest basketball player of all time? Well sorry bud, but you’re going to get compared to Michael Jordan. Would Michael Jordan be resting games towards the end of the season when he only has a 2 or 3 game lead for 1st place in the Eastern conference? Hell no. That’s why LeBron will never have 6 championships or be considered the greatest of all time. A little thing called heart, baby *lightly taps chest with two fingers*.

Warriors are “back”

Warriors lost 5 of 7 games after Durant went down with his knee sprain and everyone freaked out. Curry and Thompson had “lost their shot”, the Warriors weren’t looking championship bound, and weren’t even looking to still be the number 1 seed…becoming tied with the Spurs. But they have now won 4 in a row and are 2.5 games in front of the Spurs for the number 1 seed. We fell for it.

A team that had been together for only 59 games had gone 50 and 9 and everyone’s surprised when they falter a little bit when they had to “go back to the team that won the 2015 championship”. Look…that’s bullshit. The 2015 team had Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut in very serious roles. Those roles are basically being filled now with Matt Barnes and JaVale McGee. It’s a completely different team. But guess what, they have 3 of the best players in the NBA still and they figured it out just in time to roll into the playoffs with KD.

Thanks for reading! Even I got side tracked with March Madness the whole weekend. Just can’t wait for the NBA to be really crazy right when it’s over.