It’s the end of March which means the NBA Playoffs are right around the corner. Teams are fighting for that 8th spot to get into the playoffs, some teams are fighting to tank as much as possible to get the best draft pick, and some teams are fighting for home-court advantage throughout the playoffs. That leaves a lot of teams in the middle fighting over nothing if not just different seeding for the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Clippers are a part of that last category, but their seeding does matter for them. They are currently at the 5th seed and would play the 4th seeded Utah Jazz if the season ended today. They could possibly lose a spot to the Oklahoma City Thunder who are currently behind them by 1.5 games. That would cause Clippers to play the Houston Rockets in the first round (Clippers are 0-2 against them this season with their third match-up in two weeks).

Which is what makes this crazy. These are the games that the Clippers not only need to win for their seeding, but also to give their fan base any confidence that they won’t be bounced out of the first or second round of the playoffs like they’ve done every year during this Doc Rivers/CP3/Griffin/DeAndre Jordan era. But then they go ahead and give up a 18 point lead to one of the worst teams in the NBA who just made the worst trade of the year. To be honest, the Jazz have been very consistent this year. It would not be surprising if the Clippers lost in the first round no matter what this year.

Sorry Clippers fans, all Lakers need to do is have one 50 win season and everyone will just forget about you guys. So sad.