bracket pool

What an odd end to the tournament it has been, but all signs point to an exciting Final Four so hopefully this tournament can finish better than it started. So here we are with the end of the pool, with 1st place winning 140 bucks. We got yours truly at the top of the leaderboard after the Elite 8. but I got neither of the champions right so I need a South Carolina/Oregon championship to win. My brother, Mike, only needs Gonzaga to win and he wins before the championship game. If UNC wins, it’ll come down to the final game. Drake wins automatically if UNC wins, but if UNC loses it will come down to tiebreaker points where Drake has 129 total points and Emily has 120. Which isn’t too good for my dearest Emily because North Carolina has been averaging far more than 60 points a game this season.

We’ll see who wins after this weekend. Good luck to everyone but mostly, to me.