The Cavs lost last night in Chicago 99-93 against the now 36-39 Bulls. That’s the 3rd loss in a row for the Cavs which brings them down to 47-27 and keeps them half a game back of the Boston Celtics for 1st place in the East.

So many little headlines came out of last night, some impressive, some that are downright awful, and some that just make no sense.


-LeBron (sadly) continutes to fly up the leaderboards of most points in NBA history by passing Shaquille O’Neal for 7th most points all-time. Now being the LeBron hater I am, this upsets me. It upsets me even more that he passed one of my most beloved players Shaq. I don’t really pay attention to this most points all-time thing but now little LeBron has my attention. I decided to see how many ppg he would need to average to get the most points all-time or pass Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant. Taking his average ppg and average games played the past 5 seasons and doing that for 6 more seasons (when he will be 38 years old the same year Kobe retired) LeBron will score around 11,300 more points. That would put him at 39,899 which is well above Kareem’s 38,387. That’s assuming a very good end to his career though. Most likely he will not keep that consistency through 38 years old but hey it’s LeBron what the hell do I know I’ve been pretty wrong up to this point.

-Nikola Mirotic had 28 points for the Bulls and set a Bulls record with at least 6 three-pointers in two straight games. Kyle Korver never did it. Mike Dunleavy never did it. Kirk Heinrich never did it. Steve Kerr never did it. Not even the great Michael Jordan pulled off what Mirotic has done the past two games.
He’s also averaged 24.8 ppg over the past 4 games (Bulls have gone 3-1 in the span). Is Mirotic the secret “x-factor” the Bulls needed?! They’re currently one game behind the Miami Heat for the 8th spot. Right now the Celtics are in the 1st seed but what if the Cavs get into the 1st spot for the playoffs and have to play the Bulls. The Cavs are 0-4 against the Bulls this season. Miracles are possible, ladies and gentleman.

Downright awful

This section is all reserved for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They’re just plain bad right now. Currently 6-10 in the month of March (and as everyone on the internet has pointed out, the 16-59 Brooklyn Nets have won 7 games in the month of March) and have currently lost their number 1 seed to the Celtics.
I just NEED the Cavaliers to take an early exit in these playoffs. Need it. I live off of LeBron losing. It’s crazy because I do love Kyrie Irving…he’s amazing aside from the fact that he thinks the planet Earth is flat. But all the love I have for Kyrie can’t beat the hate I have for LeBron which means I need the Cavs to DIE. 2016 was possibly the worst sports year ever for me. Chicago Cubs won the World Series while my favorite team the Cardinals didn’t even make it. Kobe retired then my favorite team the Lakers made up for it by signing Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov. But it all started with LeBron putting on a damn clinic and coming back from 3-1 in the Finals almost single handedly. I need 2017 to be a turnaround year for me and let’s start it off with the Cavs losing first round against the Bulls.

Make No Sense

While the last section belonged all to the Cavs sucking, this section belongs to the weird season of the Chicago Bulls. It all started with odd offseason signings of Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo to a team that seems to be rebuilding, to a rumor of locker room tension (uh…you signed Wade and Rondo…), and then they traded long-time Bulls player Taj Gibson and recent draft pick Doug McDermott to the Thunder. They’re currently 36-39 and as if them being 4-0 against the Cavs this season isn’t weird enough, there’s also another weird stat coming into the public eye.

That stat is that the Bulls have won 20 consecutive games when they are broadcasted on TNT. In fact the last team to beat the Bulls on TNT was Miami Heat when they were led by…Dwayne Wade. It’s amazing to see some consistency, even some weird consistency, from a team who has had next to none this season.