…Drake Parker!

It was down to him and my brother Mike McHenry yesterday with my brother needing Gonzaga to win to keep him in first place. Here’s the final standings.

final standings

But let’s talk about that game. The first half wasn’t that bad honestly but the second half was full of whistles right out the gate. Each team had 22 total fouls in the game yesterday with almost all of them being what the basketball world calls “ticky-tack” fouls. I actually don’t think I’ve seen the word “ticky-tack” as much as I did on Twitter last night, but it was well deserved. Not only were we subjected to watching free throw after free throw and whistle after whistle, but each team did not shoot very well. Gonzaga shot 33.9% from the field while UNC shot 35.62%. And when the teams got to the free throw line, they didn’t make them. Gonzaga shot 65.38% from free throw while UNC shot 57.69%…both of which are DISMAL numbers. The most insanely bad stat from last night was that was that UNC only made 4 of the 27 threes they shot…that’s a solid 14.81%.

But UNC still won, and the key to them pulling out the game down the stretch was Gonzaga’s 14 turnovers to UNC’s 4. This was the literal key to UNC winning during the last minute of the game, when Gonzaga turned the ball over twice to give UNC two exclamation points on their win.

That closes out the NCAA tournament which was very very VERY boring compared to last year. I also think that’s a reason everyone hated the national championship so much this year. I think we were so spoiled last year with, quite possibly, the best national championship game of all-time.

So let’s relive last year’s game one last time, and move on to some NBA basketball baby!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE BRACKET POOL and hopefully we will do the same next year!