Lance Stephenson hasn’t been the best player in the NBA in his time, hell, he hasn’t even been good for most of it. But he has given us some pretty great moments to just laugh at and shake our heads.

Lance re-signed with the Pacers this season after leaving them in 2014. During that time between playing with the Pacers, Lance played for 5 different NBA teams including being on a couple 10-day contracts with the Timberwolves earlier this season. Lance has given the Pacers fans a little excitement in a year that has had its ups and downs with the Pacers currently 38-40 after last night, sitting at the 7th seed in the East.

He was a pretty important player for the Pacers before he left in 2014, helping play defense against LeBron James in playoff battles when he was on the Miami Heat. But Lance has mostly been known for interesting quotes and on-court antics throughout his career. Everyone remembers the infamous ear blowing from the image above when Lance blew in LeBron’s ear (to which he just shook his head and laughed). He also once took credit for a quote that was already made famous by Michael Jordan. Most recently, after his signing to the Pacers he said his return to the arena would be like Michael Jordan coming back to the NBA.

Although that statement is absolutely batshit crazy, the Pacers fans were very excited to see him, and Lance may have let that excitement get to his head in the closing moments of the game in the video above. There’s not as many “unwritten rules” in basketball as there is in baseball, but one of the biggest ones is you don’t show up the other team while you are blowing them out by scoring in the closing moments instead of just running the clock out. Lance ignored this rule and was met to some shoving and yelling from DeMar DeRozan, PJ Tucker, and the rest of the Raptors.

My favorite part is Lance has no resistance to them at all. Just walks away. If there’s anything that gets you even more mad at a person it’s that person not acknowledging you being mad even though you’re right there yelling at them. It can really get underneath your skin.

Here’s the best part of Lance being back on the Pacers though, if the season ended today they would be playing LeBron and the Cavs in the first round. Not that the Pacers will beat the Cavs, (it probably wouldn’t be close) but I just need one little funny moment between Lance and LeBron. LeBron may be in Zero Dark Thirty mode or whatever the fuck he does, but a little smile and handshake with Lance would be great.