There are 3 more days left in the NBA season and Russell Westbrook has pulled ahead in the MVP race with breaking the record for most triple-doubles in a season by Oscar Robertson with 42. Mind you, he has played 80 total games and still has 2 more left. You can make statistical arguments for James Harden, LeBron James, and even Kawhi Leonard, but there are 5 reasons you should want Russell Westbrook to be MVP over these 3 other players.

Best Smile

Russell Westbrook has the best smile of the four as evidenced in the slideshow below. Kawhi has a good smile but he never shows it and look at “The King’s” nasty little snake smile. You can just tell he’s trying his hardest to seem like a good guy while he’s freaking out on the inside since he knows he will never be as good as Michael Jordan.

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Russell had the shittiest offseason

Here’s everyone’s offseason summaries. LeBron got paid big bucks and he got to celebrate bringing Cleveland a championship. So his offseason was amazing, I don’t know why you’d wish any more success on this piece of trash, he’s had enough. Kawhi lost Tim Duncan to retirement. He was most likely a very big influence on Kawhi considering Kawhi has adopted almost the same personality. But Kawhi still has a great team with the best coach of all-time. So he’s still sitting pretty at 2 seed in the West. James Harden also had a great offseason with the current perspective. He got Mike D’Antoni who transformed Harden and the Rockets into the 54-26 record they have right now. He also got the Rockets to let Dwight Howard go, and everyone knows no one likes to hang out with that soft ass pussy. Then we have Russell, who had Kevin Durant leave him for their rivals, the Warriors. Steven Adams is possibly the second best player on the Thunder, maybe Victor Oladipo. But do you know how much it sucks going from Russell Westbrook being your second best player to Steven Adams being your second best player. Also everyone quickly dismissed the Thunder’s chances and guaranteed that it would be Warriors in Finals (and while that might be true, it’s rude to Russ). So you should root for Russell to win because he deserves it! He’s had a rough year.

Best Dunks

I put this video here of LeBron’s dunks as well because they’re very good (yuck, can’t believe I complimented the guy), but no one has more fun dunks than Russell. Every single one he screams and/or pounds his chest. Also every single one seems like Russell wants to DESTROY the rim. It’s amazing.

Best Dressed

best dressed russell

Many people make fun of Russell’s clothes, but that’s also a lot of people who don’t know shit about fashion. You can’t say the guy doesn’t take risks and last time I checked that’s how you get into that weird little thing called “the fashion world”.

Best Dancer

This isn’t even close.

Russell Westbrook NBA MVP 2017. Don’t fight it.