My blog about DAMN

The Decision.

His cramps in the NBA Finals game against the Spurs.

That time he said Draymond Green can’t call him a bitch because he is a “guy with three kids and a family”.

I hated LeBron a lot in those three events and I’ve generally just hated him during his whole career.

But I’ve never hated him more than right now. Apparently LeBron has got Kendrick Lamar’s album DAMN before everyone else.

Look at him trying to rap along to the songs even though HE JUST GOT IT. LeBron it’s fine, you don’t have to know the words, bro.

LeBron has always posted videos of him jammin’ out to Kendrick in the past, so I can respect him for that. But why the hell does LeBron get to listen to the most anticipated album of 2017 and possibly this decade before everyone else. Sure he’s the best player in the league but a little known fact is that he’s the biggest BITCH in the league.

Oh no I better watch my mouth! LeBron is a family man after all. Is NBA trash talk that dead where you gotta think “Oh man can I call this guy a bitch or does he have children?!”. So stupid. Oh also, look at this tweet where he’s talking about Kendrick’s greatness then throws something in at the end.

Very passive hint in there of “ADMIRE MY GREATNESS TOO, PLEASE!”. LeBron is on a non-stop mission to prove to people that he’s so “great”. I’m not saying he isn’t great, he’s been the best NBA player in the past 10 years but guess what, none of that matters. NOTHING matters until he has at least 6 championships, if you know what I mean…

Anyways, Kendrick is my favorite rapper no doubt but if LeBron is somehow gifted evil powers from being able to listen to this album early which leads to him winning the 2017 championship well then I will be mad at Kendrick for the rest of my life. I need LeBron to lose this year like I need air to breathe.