We are only 10 days into the Playoffs and it’s been exciting and eventful to say the least. LeBron did his annual first round sweeping, Grizzlies are tied with the #2 seed Spurs at 2-2, the Celtics have tied up their series against the Bulls after originally falling being 2-0 (after the very somber and weird game 1 that was after Isaiah Thomas’ sister passed away), and the Warriors just swept the Blazers easily given Durant missing games and Steve Kerr’s presence on the bench in question for the rest of the playoffs. With all the seriousness of LeBron and the Warriors steamrolling towards each other for a dramatic NBA Finals Part 3, there’s been some pretty funny moments too.

David Fizdale’s Rant

Memphis Grizzlies coach David Fizdale went on a rant after game 2 of the series with the Spurs, criticizing the referees and what seemed to be bias for Kawhi and the Spurs. It spawned the phrase “TAKE THAT FOR DATA!” and became a comical rallying cry for the Grizzlies fans who even turned it into a t-shirt. Fizdale has since become a media sound bite goldmine with his comments about Kawhi Leonard. Fizdale has become my second favorite coach in the league (his opponent, Pop). You can tell he’s an absolute players’ coach and his dry (and actually funny) humor is so damn refreshing.

Raptors/Bucks Trolling Each Other

So this has mostly been a one-sided affair with the Bucks playing the Barney theme song for the Raptors introductions in games 3 and 4. The Bucks’ mascot also joined in on the phone with some brutal one-liners about the Raptors play so far.

bucks funny.jpg

But the Raptors came back at the Bucks with this tweet after winning game 4. Just some good ole’ fashioned mascot puns.

But the highlight of all the back-and-forth was this little girls halftime dunk contest when she kicked this inflatable dinosaur in the air, hit that spin move, and dunked it home. 10/10 FUCKING AMAZING.

Rajon Rondo “Stretches His Leg” Out in Front of Jae Crowder

So in this play, Jae Crowder hits a three in front of the Bulls bench and gives them one of the most disrespectful looks for being JAE CROWDER that I’ve ever seen. I honestly first thought “Wow there’s about to be a fight.” Right when I have this thought, Rondo’s leg just comes popping up trying to trip him. Rondo barely missed him but Crowder would have ate absolute shit if Rondo caught his legs. Rondo was asked about it after the game and said “When you tear an ACL, your leg gets stiff every once in awhile. I had to stretch it out.” Amazing response, which gave him a $25,000 fine.

Robin Lopez Helps Tie Jae Crowder’s Shoes

Crowder makes another appearance in this post when he gets into a little scuffle here when Robin Lopez loses his shoe and they get tied up. As you can see in the video, Lopez then ties Crowder’s shoes as he’s yelling at the ref and Lopez is picking up his own shoe. I watched this live and was absolutely dying laughing at it. Lopez is known for his weird, funny antics and this just adds to his repertoire.
Also I don’t know why, but this was so disrespectful. I mean he actually helped Crowder out with tying his shoes but is there anything more demeaning then getting help tying your own shoes. I honestly think it would have been less disrespectful if Lopez called Crowder a bitch.