So Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up apparently (I just can’t keep up on whether or not people are together or broken up anymore) which led to Kylie and Travis Scott being pictured holding hands and what not at Coachella. This was taken lightly, as Kylie was seen with a lot of celebrities and rappers over the festival’s weekend. But last night Travis and Kylie were spotted courtside together at the Houston Rockets/Oklahoma City Thunder game. Travis Scott performed in front of his hometown crowd before tip-off and Kylie was there by his side for the rest of the game. They were seen getting very close and, as all those celebrity magazines have said, “flirty”.

So the Kardashians/Jenners have a pretty bad track record now of dating people and absolutely ruining their lives, directly or indirectly. Khloe Kardashian turned Lamar Odom into an NBA Champion into a recovering crack head and Kim Kardashian has weirdly derailed the careers of Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries, and now, Kanye West.

I mean Kim has somehow turned Kanye West into a depressed, mentally unstable, Trump supporter. I mean yeah, at first he was already mentally unstable, but he definitely didn’t seem depressed! And 2007 Kanye would beat the shit out of 2017 Kanye for supporting Trump.

Now I know what you’re saying, how do I know it was the Kardashians that ruined these people’s careers and not themselves? Well I don’t, but come on. You know those evil, soul-sucking, devil-spawn women are just feeding off these men’s careers and then just spitting them out to go nearly overdose in a Las Vegas brothel. And yes, I guess Kylie hasn’t ruined any careers yet but she also is only 19 years old or whatever she is and Tyga’s career was over like 5 years ago so he doesn’t count.

Travis Scott on the other hand is at the height of his career and he’s also one of my favorite rappers. It was even just announced that he is the supporting act for Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticpated DAMN tour. So Kylie…don’t ruin Travis Scott okay? I know he’s going to fall in love with that big ole booty of yours but could you just let him down easy? Please?!