Last night I was about to turn on my TV after a long day of work to watch the Cavs beating down on the Raptors. I already wasn’t happy. I look at Twitter right before and I see “LeBron drinking a beer” all over. I watched the video and I was upset the whole night.

I HATE this man. I’m not even sure why anymore but it’s definitely for little reasons like this. LeBron is the best player in the NBA and he’s the biggest star in the NBA. With that being said he is the LAMEST NBA superstar of all-time. I mean just look at the title of that video. “LeBron James Pretends to Drink Fans Beer After a Foul”. Uhhhhh okay? Sweet? And look at him hopping around like a buffoon before it. My favorite part is his personal hype man J.R. Smith chuckling at it like its the funniest thing of all-time. “Oh LeBron! That was so damn funny, you’re the man, King. Hey could you tell Dan Gilbert to keep me on the team with you? Please? Thanks, King.”

And look I know that beer was empty but if LeBron was actually cool he would have put it to his lips and acted like he chugged it. Or poured the excess just all over his mouth and face. I bet LeBron hasn’t had a beer since like 2011. But that’s just because he’s so dedicated to the game I guess…such a hard worker…whatever.