NBA Playoffs Preview for people who don’t know anything about the NBA right now


So first off, let’s see how right I was with predicting the first round.
Warriors in 6, Jazz in 7, Rockets in 6, Spurs in 5, Celtics in 7, Wizards in 5, Raptors in 6, Cavs in 6
Warriors in 4, Jazz in 7, Rockets in 5, Spurs in 6, Celtics in 7, Wizards in 6, Raptors in 6, Cavs in 4

So I got every single winner right AND got 3 of the 8 total games right. Someone take me to Vegas (please)!!!!

Now we are into the conference semi-finals, sadly I couldn’t get this preview out before the first three games, but you can’t decide something only after game 1!

#1 Boston Celtics vs #4 Washington Wizards (Celtics currently leading 1-0)
Celtics made a huge comeback yesterday, outscoring the Wizards 36-16 in the third quarter after being down by about 20 to start the game. Isaiah Thomas was, per usual, amazing, with 33 points on 23 shots. After the Celtics/Bulls series it’s very easy to doubt these Celtics, but they are the same Celtics who secured the #1 seed in the East so they can’t be that bad. With that being said, Wall and the Wizards have been very impressive this season and I’m expecting the Wizards to win this series in 6 games to set up their first Conference Finals appearance since they were the WASHINGTON BULLETS in 1979.

#2 Cleveland Cavaliers vs #3 Toronto Raptors (Cavs currently leading 1-0)
Cavs absolutely dominated the Raptors last night in truly embarrassing fashion. Kyrie was breaking ankles, throwing lobs to LeBron off the fucking backboard, and LeBron was even playing around with the idea of drinking a beer courtside (blog about this later in the day). So it seems like the Raptors are all done. Well I disagree. I picked the Raptors to beat the Cavs in this series and damnit I’m sticking with it. RAPTORS IN 7. I couldn’t pick the Pacers vs the Cavs but I can’t be picking LeBron all the way to his 7th straight Finals. Go DeRozan. Go Lowry. Go Raptors.

#1 Golden State Warriors vs #5 Utah Jazz
The Utah Jazz provided the lone “upset” of the first round, with them beating the sad, pathetic, decrepit Los Angeles Clippers, leading the Jazz to a daunting matchup with the Warriors. The Jazz are the one team of the playoffs that are primed for a promising future (if they can sign Gordon Hayward this offseason) but definitely don’t have enough to win right now. It seems as though this should be an easy series for the Warriors but hopefully the Jazz can win at least one game. Warriors in 5 and it’ll be interesting to see how much Kevin Durant plays and if Steve Kerr gets back to the sidelines. Warriors will definitely at least need KD for their eventual WCF matchup with the Rockets/Spurs.

#2 San Antonio Spurs vs #3 Houston Rockets (Rockets currently leading 1-0)
Rockets shocked everyone last night pummeling the Spurs 126-99 with Harden only scoring 20 points. Spurs had no answer to the Rockets reigning down 3s on them but what’s most impressive is the Rockets defense. They held Kawhi to 5 of 14 shooting and the Spurs to under 100. The Spurs have to figure out how to defend these Rockets because the Spurs are going to find a lot of trouble beating the Rockets if they are scoring above 110, let alone above 120. I mean even the Thunder held the Rockets to 112.8 ppg in their series. But hey, I predicted the Rockets would be playing the Warriors in the WCF, so I’m definitely sticking with that. Gregg Popovich will definitely find a way to win game 2 at home, and I think this series will be close the rest of the way with the Rockets winning in 7.