What a great way to uplift my spirits on this Monday morning after a fun weekend. First off I’ve been wanting to get back into video games and I was definitely going to start with NBA 2k18. The fact that my 2nd favorite player of all-time will be on the cover is quite the exciting coincidence. Then you pair that with my favorite player of all-time joining Shaq for the announcement commercial and well the 7-year-old boy in me who watched these two win three championships in a row is ready to start bawling.

Literally my entire early childhood consisted of watching these two murder every single NBA team. This was very fun, what wasn’t fun was the offseasons where rumors of Shaq and Kobe hating each other’s guts came up every time leading to Shaq being traded to the Miami Heat. The Lakers got Caron Butler, Lamar Odom, Brian Grant, and a first-round pick (Lakers drafted Jordan Farmar with the pick). The Heat got Shaq who was still in his prime which led to Dwayne Wade’s first ring and Shaq’s 4th and final ring. The Lakers eventually won two championships in 2009 and 2010 with Lamar Odom and Farmar being big contributors in both championships. Both sides benefitted from the trade and the long and dramatic feud between Kobe and Shaq was no more.

They’re both good friends now and both are two of the best NBA players of all-time. Polar opposites personality-wise but both absolutely loved basketball and had immense respect for each other throughout their careers. Their feud basically boiled down to Kobe being a complete psychopath and wanting to workout like 8 hours every day while Shaq came into every single season overweight. They both were very egotistical so when you have two cocky brains with very different work ethics in one workplace, shit is going to go down.

I’m going to go ahead and watch this video on repeat until this Monday is over, have a good day everyone. Oh and…

Go Lakers!!!!!!!!