Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. I first thought Kanye was missing appearances with Kim K at events like the Met Gala just because he was depressed and sick of the spotlight. I mean he even didn’t show up at his latest Yeezy Season fashion show which is essentially a celebration of Kanye being Kanye.

Well turns out I was wrong…and right…I guess? Wrong in the fact that he’s actually missing these things because he has secluded himself away from all the Hollywood and Kardashian nonsense to put out another award-winning album. Right in the fact that he’s not making this album in L.A., or New York, or even hometown Chicago.

According to TMZ, he’s making it in FUCKING Wyoming. Country Kanye. Cowboy Kanye. Living-on-a-ranch Kanye. Peyote-on-a-mountain Kanye. I love it. He’s gotta be in the only studio in the whole state of Wyoming. That, or he secretly had a team of dudes build one literally in a mountain. I mean how else can you get away from Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Kendall, and Kylie other than putting yourself in a mountain in Wyoming.

But seriously I bet Kanye is just dropping acid in the middle of nowhere and making a classic of an album. People forget amongst the whole tour-cancelling and hospital stay nonsense that Kanye dropped a Grammy-nominated banger of an album last year in The Life of Pablo. He’s still got it and I just absolutely love the constant “I hate Kanye, what an asshole” narrative from the general public which is the same general public that made Tidal a thing when his album came out and also the same general public that has given him millions and millions of dollars to enable him to be this “asshole”.

Don’t be banging his new album once it comes out if you’ve been talking shit about him the past 5-10 years. Kanye doesn’t need your money (even though you’ll probably give it to him since no one can resist a Kanye banger).