Here we are, the NBA Finals. Where legacies are built upon and also destroyed. This year is no different as we have the rubber match between the Warriors and the Cavs. Warriors won in 2015 while Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were injured, Cavs won last year just in case you were living under a rock and didn’t hear about the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in the Finals, the first team to ever do so. Warriors then got Kevin Durant in the offseason to try and stop Playoff LeBron and now I’d honestly give each team 50/50 odds to win. Both teams play great defense led by length at every position, both teams can shoot the three ball like crazy, and both teams have the best superstars in the game that can beat you 1-on-1 at almost any time. The deciding factor in my mind is the rebounding. If Warriors can stop Tristan Thompson on the boards consistently, then they’ll win this series in 6 games easy.

So yeah, there’s my NBA Finals preview.

Now if you don’t really pay attention to the NBA, you probably wouldn’t realize that the NBA Finals don’t start until June 1st and there’s still 6 teams left in the playoffs.

But if you do pay attention to the NBA, you know that the Spurs, Rockets, Celtics, and Wizards don’t stand a chance against these two behemoths.

It’s honestly so impressive. It’s May 10th (May fucking 10th!!!) and, as I said, the Finals start June 1st. And yet, every single sports journalist in America has already decided that it’ll be the Warriors and Cavs. I’m just trying to get ahead of everyone with my NBA Finals preview…it’s called “the early bird gets the worm”, folks, ever heard of it?

With that being said, the Spurs/Rockets and Celtics/Wizards series are very exciting and both might go to Game 7s. But that’s also even more reason that the Warriors and Cavs will destroy them. Do you realize how much adversity the Warriors and Cavs have faced this offseason? NONE. NADA. They haven’t even lost! They’re at home resting and analyzing every single weakness each of these teams’ have, giving no one a chance in the next round except for the Dubs and Cavs.

There will be plenty of time in the next 3 weeks for the ESPNs of the world to start stupid discussions like “Is this bad for the NBA?” Well let’s just address this right now. No. EVERYONE including people who aren’t even NBA fans want the Warriors-Cavs Part III. So don’t give me that nonsense “Is this bad for the NBA?” Whatever gets people excited and gets people watching is GOOD for the NBA. For example, does anyone actually want the Wizards in the NBA Finals? Other than Washington Wizard fans? NO! And I know for a fact every single sports media member wants the Warriors and Cavs so as Stephen A. Smith says, “JUST STOP IT”.