Dear Kylie Jenner, stay away from Travis Scott…

I guess this is why they call it the “regular season MVP”. Even though he’s not winning that either.

Spurs closed out the Rockets last night to win the series 4-2 with an extremely impressive 114-75. One hundred and fourteen to SEVENTY-FIVE. It’s even more impressive since this game had a Rockets win written all over it with Kawhi Leonard missing the game due to the ankle injury he sustained in game 5.

The door was wide open for Harden and Co. to reign threes all over the “helpless” Spurs and force a game 7 where they’d have to go back to San Antonio against Kawhi who was most likely going to return (Gregg Popovich was probably just resting him just in case it went to game 7).

But James Harden and the Rockets BLEW IT. To start off they let LaMarcus Aldridge look like the second coming of Hakeem Olajuwon. To make things worse, Harden had 10 points with 6 turnovers and eventually fouled out. It was probably his worst game of the whole season and it came at the worst possible time. With that being said the rest of the Rockets looked like the team that everyone thought they’d be before the season started, so not all the blame can go on Harden. Ryan Anderson’s bum ass was 0-6 from the field, had two turnovers of his own, and was 0-4 from 3 which is the only place he provides any value…so good job to him. Eric Gordon and Patrick Beverley also contributed nothing and aside from Trevor Ariza who had a good game the Rockets shot 8 for 32 from three which is a NASTY 25%.

Then reports start coming out late last night and early this morning that Harden went to a club after the loss to watch Travis Scott with Kylie Jenner and some Houston Texans also in attendance. Not only that, TMZ also reports that he went to a strip club after.

I respect this and also don’t respect this at the same time. On one hand, getting over sadness or grief with getting drunk and going to a strip club is an all-time MAN move. “Worst loss of my basketball career? Who cares, where are the asses?” On another hand, as a basketball fan, I do not respect this move. Harden is an amazing shooting guard, but what would two of the greatest shooting guards ever, Kobe and MJ do? Sure, they’d probably find some time in the night to bang either their wife or…a girl that isn’t their wife…but they definitely wouldn’t be showing their face in public. They’d be banging their wives (or not wives) and watching film on their opponent who just beat them at the SAME DAMN TIME because their FIERCE COMPETITORS.

James Harden, sadly, is not a fierce competitor, but at least we can all agree with him when it comes to Travis Scott and seeing some ass.