Last night the Cavs won a pivotal game 4 over the Boston Celtics to the tune of 112-99. That 13 point win is misleading to how stressful this game was early on for the Cavs, with the Celtics being up 57-47 at halftime. LeBron struggled again in the first half but the Cavs hung in there due to a legendary, 42 point, playoff performance from LeBron’s personal savior, Kyrie Irving. LeBron was out there playing like a mix of Delonte West and Boobie Gibson, and I may just have a theory for this recent bad play from LeBron.


Prior to game 3, the Cavs played the Monstars theme song from the movie Space Jam. This was in reference to Isaiah Thomas commenting on the Cavs saying that they aren’t the Monstars, basically saying that they are still human after all. With all things Cavs related, LeBron definitely had a say in this choice to play the song, he may have even been the person to make the initial decision. My theory is that the Monstars exist and were at the game that night. They heard LeBron using their own song to be funny, and stole his basketball powers away just like they did to Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, and Muggsy Bogues.

This led to LeBron only scoring 11 points in Game 3 and then following that up with 10 points, 3 turnovers, and 4 fouls in the first half of game 4. It was a very unchararistic half for LeBron, in fact, LeBron had never had 4 fouls in any half of his career, let alone in the playoffs. He did although steadily get his talent back in the 3rd quarter and finally looked like himself in the 4th. My guess is the Monstars might have had some pity on him after the embarrassing play below. LeBron eventually finished with a normal LeBron statline with 34 points on 15-of-27 shooting.

This game could have ended up with the Cavs losing and we would have all been talking about LeBron possibly being fatigued. Instead LeBron’s knight in shining armor came to his rescue. Yes, folks, I’m talking about Uncle Drew himself, Kyrie Andrew Irving. He was absolutely astonishing throughout the whole game last night, weaving through tiny holes in the Celtics defense like swiss cheese. The highlight of his night came towards the end of the 3rd quarter. He turned his ankle pretty bad on the play below (still finished the shot, of course) but finished the final 1:49 of the 3rd with 10 points! All in all he had 21 points in the quarter that saw the Cavs retake the lead and keep the momentum until the end of the game.

The Cavs are now up 3-1 and are going back to Boston where they won both games 1 and 2, so this series is pretty much over. With that being said, there’s still some questions with this Cavs team following game 4. Has LeBron finally got over the worst 6 quarter stretch of playoff basketball that he’s had in recent memory? Will Kyrie’s ankle injury linger? He said after the game that his body is “gonna be mad at me tomorrow”. It obviously didn’t seem bad given his performance, but he might have just been playing through it with the adrenaline of the moment. One night of sleep and Kyrie might wake up today with a throbbing, swollen ankle that will definitely be a liability for the Cavs moving forward if he’s going to defend Steph Curry in the Finals. Lastly, Cavs can’t lose another game in this series. They have to close out if they want to be well rested like the Warriors. You can make arguments that you don’t want too much rest, but I’d counter those arguments by showing the Warriors and Cavs play so far in these playoffs where they’ve had ample amounts of rest from sweeping their puny foes.

June 1st everyone. Game 1 of the probable Warriors/Cavs III. Can’t come soon enough.