Happy 40th birthday to my personal GOAT, Kanye West. The College Dropout. Late Registration. Graduation. 808s & Heartbreak. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Watch The Throne. Yeezus. The Life of Pablo. All of these albums could be considered hip-hop classics and not only that, he’s probably the biggest star of this millenium. When I say that I don’t mean just in hip-hop, I mean in entertainment and art in general.

Here’s a short list of his major accomplishments from Wikipedia.
-21 Grammy wins (11th all-time) and 68 nominations (6th all-time)
-One of five artists to receive Album of the Year nominations three years in a row (Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Barbra Streisand, and Lady Gaga…a few no-namers obviously)
-All 7 of his studio albums have gone platinum
-Sold over 50 million singles in the United States making him the 7th highest selling artist of all time in singles sales

With that being said, I decided to try and narrow down my top 10 favorite Kanye songs of all-time. I took into consideration how popular the songs were, how impactful they were, but mostly I just took my own personal preference into consideration.

Honorable Mentions: Everything I Am, No More Parties in LA, Stronger, Gold Digger, Slow Jamz, Niggas in Paris, etc. etc. etc. (I could go on all day.)

Making this top 10 list I realized you could make an amazing top 10 list with his features alone. Kanye at one point (and possibly still) was the most sought after feature in not only the rap game, but pop music in general. Here’s my top 10 list that you could honestly rearrange any way you’d like. But with that being said, I’m going by Kanye’s verse/feature only. I’m not going by how good the overall song is. Oh also, yes, Ultralight Beam is number 10. That’s because I don’t consider that to be Kanye’s song, it’s Chance’s.

Honorable Mentions: Run This Town w/ Rihanna and Jay-Z (Spotify doesn’t have it since Jay-Z owns Tidal, otherwise it’d be number 2), Go Hard w/ DJ Khaled and T-Pain, Smuckers w/ Tyler the Creator and Lil Wayne