The day has finally come. After about not 1…not 2…not 3…not 4…hairline treatments during offseasons, LeBron has finally achieved the best accomplishment of his career. That accomplishment is giving into Father Time and shaving his head a la Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant before him.

LeBron has had a struggling hairline since his early years in Cleveland, but has gone through some ups and downs between his Miami Heat days and today. For example, down below you’ll see a picture of LeBron from an unveiling of one of his signature shoes (left) and also a picture of him on the first day of practice with the Cavs once he returned (right). The picture on the left is on September 16, 2014…the picture on the right is from September 25th…nine days later…yikes. Obviously some work was done to make him look good for the event but quickly dissipated come practice time.


LeBron finally doesn’t have to worry about all those hairline jokes anymore with one swift shave of the head. He didn’t have too many more years until one of his boys was going to have to strap him down and take matters into their own hands. To be honest, most basketball fans, including me, believe he should have made this life decision about 5 years ago. But I guess that’s easy to say from a guy who doesn’t have to worry about his beautiful, amazing, golden blonde hair fading away too early.

We also should have seen this coming after his press conference when the Cavs won the conference finals. LeBron got one of those “comparisons to Michael Jordan” questions and talked about all the different ways he has tried to model his game/life after MJ, including how he’s “going bald like Mike”.

It’s kind of a bad angle but my first impression is that it looks great. What LeBron lacks in hairline (and just hair in general the past couple years) he more than makes up for in beard game. The bald head/full beard look is a great look for guys, check out my examples below.

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Side Notes

Am I the only one that thinks LeBron seems like a weird psychopath in this video? Shirtless, hairless, just grinding his teeth and making faces…someone might have finally lost it after “leaving everything on the floor” against the Warriors and still not winning.

The video also made me think of an old video of LeBron loudly insisting that he “lives for this” and would “die for this”. It’s a video I just HATE of LeBron because of it seeming so forced and desperate. Oh, and of course, #StriveForGreatness.

Yeah Bron Bron, there’s a lot of things wrong with you.


LeBron just posted this instagram of Draymond Green from the Warriors parade today. Draymond is obviously wearing a shirt that is making fun of how “quickly” the Warriors beat the Cavs in the NBA Finals. LeBron is taking the joke a little further and possibly making a lame sex joke about Draymond. “That’s what she said”…man LeBron…you’re so damn funny…NOT (got his ass).