Who said there aren’t anymore intense rap beefs these days?

Yo Gotti and Young Dolph were both staying at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday when an argument broke out between their crews (Is it okay to say “crews”? I’m just going off the article I read. You definitely can’t say “posse” like that one time when Phil Jackson said it about LeBron. LeBron pulled the race card faster than you could say…I don’t know…”posse”). A little after the fight/argument, someone fired shots at Young Dolph and hit him a couple times. He was rushed to the hospital where it was said the shots were not life-threatening and later it was announced he was going to be okay.

This happens here and there within the rap game. Certain rappers don’t really like each other, they awkwardly run into each other, certain people in the “crews” have guns, next thing you know someone gets shot or at least gets shot at. It’s a rap story as old as the Sugarhill Gang or Grandmaster Flash. But with this specific incident between Yo Gotti and Dolph, there’s definitely some deep, personal history.

It goes all the way back to when Dolph wouldn’t sign with Gotti when he reached out to him to join his record label. Some other disagreements must have transpired between the two because Dolph decided to come out with this diss track.

The song is just littered with lines that probably didn’t make Yo Gotti happy (or as Dolph calls him a few times in the song…Ho Gotti…get it?).

Ho Gotti was so unhappy that he (allegedly) had someone shoot Young Dolph’s car 100 fuckin’ times earlier this February. Dolph apparently expects this in his line of work because he was riding around in a $600,000 bulletproof SUV, which definitely saved his life and led to this amazing album cover.


The Instagram famous Blac Youngsta, a rapper on Ho Gotti’s label, was actually a suspect in the shooting and eventually turned himself in. Which essentially proves that Ho Gotti put a hit on Young Dolph’s life.

The beef was believed to have died, with Dolph himself saying in interviews that it was dead. It may have been getting downplayed by Dolph, but the two rappers and their “crews” staying in the same hotel and brushing shoulders most likely led to a dumb, unneeded argument leading to shots being fired…OR…Ho Gotti’s hatin’ ass is still trying to murder the guy!

All in all, this is absurd! The whole general public knows that Ho Gotti tried to murder (allegedly) Dolph at least once and one of his “crew” members tried again yesterday! And we’re all just dancing to his hit song “Rake It Up” with Nicki Minaj. I mean it’s fuckin’ 8th on the Billboard Hot 100!

We’ll just have to wait to see if any legal charges are brought against Ho Gotti. My guess is that there will only be charges brought against the man who actually shot Dolph, since Ho didn’t even get in trouble when his own rapper from his record label shot 100 (One hundred! Jesus!) bullets into Young Dolph’s car. We’ll also have to hope Dolph makes a full recovery from his injuries and releases an epic diss track or…fuck it…a whole diss album with another amazing album cover.