Last month I started a playlist/blog that I’ll be posting at the end of each month recapping the best songs from the month. This month we follow an absurdly busy June that saw releases from Drake, Jay-Z/Beyonce, Jay Rock, Jorja Smith, and Kanye West. This month’s playlist definitely pales in comparison to June for this reason, but there’s still great songs throughout the month. July was more of a preparation month for August’s SOTM which will feature new material from Travis Scott, Mac Miller, YG, and Nicki Minaj.

The top five of the playlist are in order while the rest of the playlist is random. I’ll be discussing the top five in each blog.

Missed the previous month after the next month’s playlist was released? Don’t worry, I’ll be saving each month’s playlist while updating the main “B+C SOTM” playlist!

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“FEFE” — 6ix9ine featuring Nicki Minaj

The release of “FEFE” was one of those moments that saw Donny betraying Donny in regards to his music tastes. I’ve never liked 6ix9ine a.k.a. Tekashi 69. I’ve always wanted to hate his music for many reasons, one of the main ones being him tattooing “69” all over his face and body.

And yet, right when that fire MurdaBeatz-produced-beat came on I found myself hooked. I will say most of the song’s appeal for me comes from Nicki’s two verses. I say that just so I can give myself some comfort for putting this at number one for the month’s playlist. I just can’t stop listening to it. Hearing this interview from 6ix9ine doesn’t really give me any comfort though.


“31 DAYS” off the mixtape “BEASTMODE 2” – Future

Future blessed us with a buffer mixtape to keep us satisfied until his rumored album comes out. The man has come out with an absolutely ridiculous catalog of music during his career, so there will be some hits and misses whenever he does come out with something. “BEASTMODE 2” ended up as a hit and turned out to be the trap infusion that the Kanye West-and-Drake-dominated summer needed.

“31 DAYS” is the star off the consistent mixtape, as it showed the southern rapper spitting bar-after-bar-after-bar.

It’s hard to understand Future sometimes, while his flow and beats are always the showcase in his songs. After a few listens though, I felt like I was listening to some traditional nasty ass Future lyrics. BOY, was I right.

She ain’t got no teeth, she know a young nigga eat beef
She want me to leave, she know I’m not a rat, I got cheese
I was quieter than a mouse
When I got it in her mouth she couldn’t breathe
I was thinking like, “Jeez,” she done got a lil slob on my tee
I done took a little E, I fucked her and made her pee
Made her part of my team, then she asked me for a ring

“A lil slob on my tee”?!?! “I fucked her and made her pee”?!?!

That man, Future, is a sexually-charged maniac, and I hope he continues to make this type of music until the day I die.

“BLACK BALLOONS | 13ACK 13ALLOONS” off the album “TA13OO” – Denzel Curry featuring Twelve’len and GoldLink

This song continues the streak of all-capitalized song titles, with “BLACK BALLOONS” off 23-year-old Denzel Curry’s third studio album.

I had to include the song on this playlist just to reference the innovative album “TA13OO” (that’s TABOO for the people who can’t read Denzel Curry’s different type of spelling). “TA13OO” features three parts, and each part has a different sound and theme.

Denzel Curry explained the three parts of the album on the Complex web show “Everyday Struggle”.

“I wanted to make this shit theatrical and I wanted people to understand what part of the album they were in,” Curry explained on Everyday Struggle this week. “You’re going to have a light part, you’re going to have a gray part, then you’re going to have a black part […] I wanted the album to go fucking backwards, because usually I start off really dark, then I go light. Imagine a plant and it just turns into shit. It just turns into boo-boo. That’s what I wanted the album to sound like.”

“BLACK BALLOONS” is my favorite song off the album, and comes from the lightest part of the album, Volume 1. The album’s lead single “CLOUT COBAIN” is also a banger and features a very trippy, circus video. Check out the whole album if you get a chance, Denzel is a beast.

“65th & Ingleside” – Chance The Rapper

Most people were expecting an album from Chance The Rapper ahead of his huge Chicago Special Olympics concert with Usher and others. Fans were disappointed when Chance told them that there wasn’t an album coming (yet), but he decided to tide fans over with four brand new songs. “I Might Need Security” and “Work Out” are also on the playlist, but my favorite was definitely “65th & Ingleside”.

Chance’s continuous devotion to the city of Chicago is shown again in the song, as 65th & Ingleside is where Chance and his fiance used to live. He uses those times as inspiration for the song, as Chance details his early career struggles he encountered while fighting alongside his fiance and child while living at 65th & Ingleside. The highlight of the song to me is when he loudly exclaims “Then one day Donald took me on tour // Young broke Chano ain’t broke no more” referencing when Donald Glover took him on tour in 2012.

Definitely check out the other three songs that Chance The Rapper released in July, and be on the lookout for his upcoming album.

“Summertime Magic” – Childish Gambino

Speaking of surprising releases AND Donald Glover, he released two surprise songs in the month of July under his rapper/R&B moniker, Childish Gambino.

They were both a part of the “summer pack” that Childish Gambino released on his Twitter, one being “Feels Like Summer” and the other being “Summertime Magic”.

“Summertime Magic” was a perfect song for the mood of summer, bringing out poolside vibes throughout its entirety. It was an interesting follow-up to his world-rocking track “This is America”. The “summer pack” brought back his R&B-swooning side that we saw in “Awaken, My Love!”. It’ll be interesting to see if 1. He releases an album soon and 2. If it’ll be rap-centric, R&B-centric, or both.

I personally hope for both, because although his R&B stuff brought him since commercial success with the song “Redbone”, his rap skills are no joke. I love his old stuff from “Camp” and his other early music, but either way we are always blessed no matter what when Childish Gambino decides to grace his with his talent.